Odeur 71 Eau de Toilette (200ml natural spray)

CDG PARFUM (コム デ ギャルソン パルファム)

The second anti perfume. A deeping of the research into solid phase micro technology cloning inorganic smells from modern daily life and mixing them with natural ingredients.

Smell of dust on a Hot Light-Bulb, Warm Photocopier Toner, Hot Metal, A Toaster, Freshly Welded Aluminium, The Ink in a Fountain Pen, Fresh Pencil Shavings, Wood and Moss, Bay Leaves and Bamboo, White Pepper, Hyacinth, Lettuce Juice.

53 に続く匂い。焚かれた香の匂い、木とコケのエッセンス、鉛筆の新鮮な削りくずなどの合計71のクローン香料を組合せたアブトラクトなイメージの香りです。

Style code: BZ-O022-051

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