MELTINGPOT 1980s Chanel Necklace (Green)


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COCO CHANELは1883年フランス生まれ。


こちらは、COCO CHANELが信頼を寄せたMAISON GRIPOIXによって制作されたネックレスです。MAISON GRIPOIXは1870年代にパリで、ガラスのビーズとボタン専門の工房としてスタート。1920年代からCHANELのジュエリーを、1940年代からはCHRISTIAN DIOR 、YVES SAINT LAURENT、BALMANのジュエリーを制作し、名立たるメゾンに愛されました。
ヨーロッパだけでなく、世界中で高い評価と人気があり、特にMAISON GRIPOIXのCHANELジュエリーは入手困難となっています。


CHANEL's achievements extend beyond fashion to the jewelry collection that began in 1924. Costume jewelry made from precious metals and non-gemstones has been produced since more than 100 years ago, but CHANEL has made this culture into a norm. This necklace was created by MAISON GRIPOIX, trusted by COCO CHANEL. MAISON GRIPOIX started in Paris in the 1870s in a workshop specializing in glass beads and buttons. Since the 1920s he made CHANEL Jewelry and from the 1940s he created jewelry for CHRISTIAN DIOR, YVES SAINT LAURENT and BALMAN. He was loved by these companies.

GRIPOIX was creating jewelry by hand using wire to make a base and then pouring glass into it, resulting in a beautiful pale coloring that created his own style that could not be expressed by other workshops. It is highly regarded and popular not only in Europe but also around the world, and CHANEL jewelry from MAISON GRIPOIX in particular has become difficult to obtain.

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