MELTINGPOT 1960s Coppola e Toppo Necklace&Earring (White)


Style Code : S33
Price : ¥385000


1940年代にブラーノ・コッポラ兄妹がコッポラ・エ・トッポをイタリアのミラノで設立したことがブランドのはじまり。シンプルながらも、エッジのあるデザインは CHANEL、BALENCIAGA、VALENTINOのジュエリー制作も担当するほど、多くのデザイナーの心を掴みました。


The brand began in the 1940s when Bruno Coppola and his sister Lyda Toppo founded Coppola e Toppo in Milan, Italy. While simple, the edge design has captured the hearts of many designers so much that they are also in charge of jewelry production for CHRISTIAN DIOR, BALENCIAGA and VALENTINO. The jewelry skillfully uses Italian Murano glass, glass pearls, etc., and makes use of the beauty of the materials and the color gradation. At first glance it might look like a common vintage jewelry because of its simplicity, however it has the power to set it apart from other contemporary glass bead jewelry and has become a legendary brand.

This is a necklace and earring that can be said to be a representation of their work at their best. The clip part is also hollowed out in the shape of a star, and with the commitment of using original parts, I feel that their artistic sensibility to details is high.

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