Idea Books Deuce And A Quarter (IDEA305767SS19)

Hardcover with silver foiling
26cm x 26cm
Edition of 1000

Published in 2018

In 1999, Vinca took a road trip across Texas with Corinne Day, Rosemary Ferguson and Susie Babchick. ‘Deuce and a Quarter' was the street name for the 1970's Buick Electra 225 that they drove.
Now this most beautiful book presents 100 photographs taken by Vinca on that trip. Never previously published and pretty much unseen for 18 years, they now look like the answer to everything. Effortless. Free of fashion or formality or any specific purpose other than being a record of a time when time was less frequently recorded.

イギリスの写真家兼アーティスト  ヴィンカ・ピーターセンの写真集。本書は1999年にコリーヌ・デイ、ローズマリー・ファーガソン、 スージー・バブチクと共にテキサスを横断するロードトリップを行った際に撮影した写真をまとめた一冊。 タイトル「Deuce and a Quarter」とは彼女達と旅を共にしたクラシックカー「Buick Electra 225」の愛称です。

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