BIBLIOTHECA Wallet magazine x Gucci The Ultimate edition Box set(TW900)

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WALLET magazine

10 booklet in a box (rigid pochette)
box: 230 x 125 x 63 mm
booklet: 112 x 220 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 100 copies

Last month the 10th and final edition of Wallet was published. Wallet was always meant to be a finite publication series of 10 total issues, each with its specific theme and duration. These themes have constituted a holistic conversation-like narrative tackling various issues within the fashion industry; be it authority, publishing, education, space, retail, casting, marketing, technology, criticism and archives. On that occasion, Wallet is launching a special project today –– the “Wallet wallet" – a limited edition, collectible box set produced in a run of 100. This artefact resembles a pochette bag, produced by Gucci, as a playful and conceptual end to a small, but powerful publishing project. The “Wallet wallet “ includes the complete collection of the Wallet series. Issues include in-depth interviews with fashion power-figures such as Adrian Joffe (CEO, Comme des Garcons), Vanessa Friedman (chief fashion critic, the New York Times), Hussein Chalayan (designer), Pierre Rougier (director, PR Consulting), Valerie Steele (fashion historian, FIT), Nick Knight (founder, SHOWstudio), Rami Atallah (founder, SSENSE), Patrick Scallon (communications director, Dries van Noten), Ian Rogers (former chief digital officer, LVMH), Robin Givhan (chief fashion critic at the Washington Post) and Grace Wales Bonner (designer). As well as curated visual essays from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, BLESS, Balenciaga, Bernadette Corporation, Comme des Garcons, Eckhaus Latta, Hermès, Issey Miyake, Kiko Kostadinov, Mowalola, Prada, Susan Cianciolo, Telfar, Thebe Magugu, Vaquera, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, +++ 1 – Admins of Authority A conversation on power in fashion, and who administers this. Featuring Adrian Joffe, Sarah Andelman and Jefferson Hack in a text conversation, and Afterhomework, A Magazine by Eckhaus Latta, BLESS, Conner Ives, Brydie Perkins, Emman Debattista, Fabian Kis Juhasz, Pierre-Louis Auvray, Etienne Saint-Denis, Jon Emmony, Admir Batlak, DIS, Manémané, Richard Haines, Rhea Dillon, Kaari Upson, Rob Pruitt, Scott Watts, Torbjørn Rødland and Wali Mohammed Barrech in a visual conversation. 2 – Pioneers of Publishing A conversation on the evolution of fashion press, and the mechanisms within. Featuring Isabella Burley, Nick Knight and Joerg Koch in a text conversation, and Kiko Kostadinov, Bernadette Corporation, Exactitudes, Telfar, Not Vogue, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew M. Williams, Re-bel, Jacquemus, Mowalola and Acne Paper in a visual conversation. 3 – Elite of Education A conversation on fashion education and its changing operations. Featuring Hussein Chalayan, Hywel Davies and Shelley Fox in a text conversation, and Amy Cookes, Annaliese Griffith Jones, Daniel Levi, Dorry Hsu, Eleanor Mcdonald, Elnaz Gargari, Florentina Leitner, Grace Kennard, Laura Newton, Limeng Ye, Misha Japanwala, Noora Ainasoja, Paula Cánovas del Vas, Quinten Mestdagh, Rui Zhou, Shir Naeh, Sinéad O'Dwyer, Stefan Cooke, Stina Randestad, Tuuli-Tytti Koivula, Venice Wanakornkul and Ville Polho in a visual conversation. 4 – Shamans of Space A conversation on the relationship between fashion and space. Featuring Grace Wales Bonner, Ippolito Laparelli and Matthew Linde in a text conversation, and Balenciaga, Bjarne Melgaard, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Florence Fashion Biennale, Fondazione Prada, Hussein Chalayan, Issey Miyake, Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Rei Kawakubo/The Costume Institute, Yohji Yamamoto in a visual conversation. 5 – Champions of Commerce A conversation about the marketplaces of fashion. Featuring Rami Atallah, Vittorio Radice and Arun Gupta in a text conversation, and H&M, Stand Up Comedy, Retti, Dover Street Market, Gallery 909, Ooga Booga, Alara, Colette, The House of Beauty and Culture, Camper, Balenciaga, LN-CC, Darklands Berlin, The Broken Arm, Barneys, Goffa X, Slam Jam, SEX, Fiorucci, Atelier E.B in a visual conversation. 6 – Bureau of Bodies A conversation on the modelling business. Featuring Halima Aden, Jeni Rose and Walter Pearce in a text conversation, and New Aliens Agency, 3rd Space MGMT, Elite Models, Tomorrow is Another Day, Supa Model Management, Nisch Management, Troy Agency, The Claw, Wilhelmina and Cat-B in a visual conversation. 7 – Masters of Marketing A conversation on the field of fashion promotion. Featuring Gia Kuan, Patrick Scallon and Pierre Rougier in a text conversation, and Issey Miyake, D’Heygere, Chalayan, Standard Clothing, Eckhaus Latta, Syna Chen, Random Identities, Comme des Garçons, Y/Project, Giovanna Flores, Creatures of the Wind, Kostas Murkudis, Admir Batlak, Prada, SC103, Sportmax, Thebe Magugu and Vivienne Westwood in a visual conversation. 8 – Titans of Tech A conversation on the continuous merging of fashion and technology. Featuring Natsai Audrey Chieza, Ian Rogers and Ying Gao in a text conversation, and Alexander McQueen, Fecal Matter, Iris van Herpen, Hermés + Apple, Daily Paper, BLESS, UFG Fashion & Technology, Frederik Heyman, Google We Wear Culture, Hanifa, Shari Michelle, Nico Verhaegen, Archival Crossing, Issey Miyake, Jade Andrews, Hussein Chalayan, Fredrik Tjærandsen, Sruli Recht, Thom Browne + Samsung and Neri Oxman in a visual conversation. 9 – Culture of Critique A conversation on fashion criticism and its numerous contemporary forms. Featuring Robin Givhan, Steve Oklyn and Vanessa Friedman in a text conversation, and Agnès B., Ann Demeulemeester, Fidan Novruzova, Gauntlett Cheng, Hermès, Kwaidan Editions, Ligia Dias, Miu Miu, Myrza de Muynck, Proenza Schouler, René Scheibenbauer, Robert Wun, Susan Cianciolo, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist, Telfar, Uma Wang, Undercover, Vacquera, Wali Mohammed Barrech and Ziggy Chen in a visual conversation. 10 – Heirs of History A conclusive conversation on archival practices in fashion. Featuring Valerie Steele, David Casavant and Emman Debattista in a text conversation, and Martin Margiela, Georges Wendell, Helmut Lang, Willi Smith, Colmar, Ann-Sofie Back, Final Home, Max Mara, Comme des Garcons, Koji Tatsuno, Carol Christian Poell, Larry LeGaspi, Schiaparelli, Miguel Adrover, Alaïa, Hood By Air, Stefano Pilati, AF Vandevorst, Rudi Gernreich and Phoebe Philo in a visual conversastion.


ノルウェー・オスロ発のファッションマガジン『Wallet』の全10冊セットがファッションブランド「Gucci」とのコラボレーションボックスに収められた限定セット。13歳でカルチャーマガジン『Recens Peper』をローンチし、一躍脚光を浴びたエディター兼キュレーターのエリス・バイ・オルセン(Elise By Olsen)が編集長を務め2017年に刊行された本誌は、2021年に最終号である10号で幕を閉じた。本誌では、権威、出版、教育、空間、小売、キャスティング、マーケティング、技術、批評、アーカイブなどの各号に特定のテーマを設け、ファッション業界のさまざまな問題に取り組む、総合的・全体論的な対話をするように物語を紡いできた。 全10号が刊行された機に作られたのが、この「Wallet wallet(Walletの財布)」である。このケースは「Gucci」のポシェットバッグを模したものであり、小さいながらもパワフルなこの出版プロジェクトのラストを飾るのに相応しい、遊び心のあるコンセプチュアルなアイテムに仕上がっている。 各号において、ファッション業界の権威的象徴とも言える人物たちとのインタビューを掲載。主な登場人物として、エイドリアン・ジョフィ(Adrian Joffe / コム・デ・ギャルソンCEO)、ヴァネッサ・フリードマン(Vanessa Friedman / ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙 チーフファッション評論家)、フセイン・チャラヤン(Hussein Chalayan / デザイナー)、ピエール・ルージエ(Pierre Rougier / PRコンサルティング・ディレクター)、ヴァレリー・スティール(Valerie Steele / FIT ファッション史家)ニック・ナイト(Nick Knight / SHOWstudio創設者)、ラミ・アタラ(SSENSE創設者)、パトリック・スキャロン(Patrick Scallon / ドリス・ヴァン・ノッテン・コミュニケーション・ディレクター)、イアン・ロジャース(Ian Rogers / LVMH元チーフ・デジタル・オフィサー)、ロビン・ギバン(Robin Givhan / ワシントン・ポスト チーフファッション評論家)、グレース・ウェールズ・ボナー(Grace Wales Bonner / デザイナー)らが名を連ねる。 また、Alexander McQueen、Ann Demeulemeester、BLESS、Balenciaga、Bernadette Corporation、Comme des Garcons、Eckhaus Latta、Hermès、Issey Miyake、Kiko Kostadinov、Mowalola、Prada、Susan Cianciolo、Telfar、Thebe Magugu、Vaquera、Vivienne Westwood、Yohji Yamamoto によるビジュアルエッセイも掲載。 1 – Admins of Authority 2 – Pioneers of Publishing 3 – Elite of Education 4 – Shamans of Space 5 – Champions of Commerce 6 – Bureau of Bodies 7 – Masters of Marketing 8 – Titans of Tech 9 – Culture of Critique 10 – Heirs of History