Bibliotheca Purple Anthology (TW429)

Artist : V.A.
Publisher : RIZZOLI

288 pages
286 x 223 mm
ISBN: 97808478302062008

When those in the magazine industry need inspiration, they look to Purple. It has influenced countless other magazines and spawned trends that have trickled down through all levels of culture. To celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, this volume brings together the best in fashion, art, and culture from Purple’s illustrious history. Purple revolutionized fashion photography in the nineties by commissioning fine artists to shoot fashion editorials. What resulted was a raw, improvisational aesthetic, which continues to exert its power today. Many of our most promising artists contribute to Purple’s pages, including Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller, Jack Pierson, Richard Prince, John Currin, and Vanessa Beecroft. Among the celebrity muses who appear regularly are Kim Gordon, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve, and Vincent Gallo. Along with images, the book also presents essays by such renowned writers as Glenn O’Brien, Gary Indiana, and Dave Hickey. These texts further the book’s larger purpose: to chart the development of art and fashion during the past fifteen years. This is the ultimate deluxe collection for serious fashion, art, photography, graphic design, and magazine aficionados.

オリヴィエ・ザーム(Olivier Zahm)とエレン・フライス(Elein Fleiss)の二人によって1992年に創刊されたフランスのインディペンデント雑誌『PURPLE』の創刊15周年を記念したアンソロジー。パープルで取り上げてきたファッション、アート、カルチャー、音楽、建築などを一堂に紹介する一冊。デザインはM/M (PARIS)が手がける。