BIBLIOTHECA Charlotte Perriand And Jean Prouvé A Collection Of Tamotsu Yagi (PO540)

Artist : Tamotsu Yagi
Publisher : Chariots On Fire

accordion-bound in slipcase
17 pages
230 x 305 mm

This catalog is a collection of furniture by Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prové that Tamotsu Yagi has collected over the years.
“The current pandemic has allowed me some free time, which then became an opportunity for me to put together my collection of furniture by Prouvé and Perriand into a book. My first encounter with Prouvé’s work was in Paris around 40 years ago. I remember clearly the shock I’d felt when I chanced on it. From then on my collection has continued to grow, and even after all these years, being surrounded by and spending my day-to-day life among such fascinating pieces of furniture continues to be a source of my energy.” Tamotsu Yagi

「コロナ禍で、自由な時間を持つことができたので、蒐集してきたプルーヴェとペリアンの家具を1冊にまとめることにしました。はじめて、プルーヴェの作品に出会ったのは、40年位前のパリにて。衝撃でした。あれから、少しずつコレクションも増えましたが、年月を経ても尚、魅力的な家具に囲まれて暮らすことは、私にパワーを与えてくれています。」 八木 保