Idea Books Marfamily No.4 (IDEA308000SS20)

Marfamily is a printed publication inspired by Marfa, Texas and created by artists for artists.
A capital of cultural disorder, Marfa, Texas is a small town of just over 2,000 people located in the middle of a desert not far from the Mexican border, and a place that has attracted the attention of the art world since the '60s.
Marfamily is a platform that connects contemporary high end fashion and art.

364 pages
23.5 × 27.8cm

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Purple Fashionなど人気雑誌でも活躍するロシア人フォトグラファー、アレクサンドラ・ゴーディエンコが学生時代に立ち上げたファッション雑誌。
パーソナルで独特な世界観が特徴で、数々のメディアにも取り上げられたMARFA JOURNALが新たなデザインと芸術性を目指し、MARFAMILYとして生まれ変わりました。

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